Heritage Yachts builds Classic American Motor Yachts for the experienced yachtsman.  We follow the hallowed tradition of building masterpieces, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment.   Our timeless designs stand the test of time while our owners enjoy unsurpassed comfort, safety and style. 

A new pedigree is born….

Classic American Motor Yachts

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Luxury Yachts

A Passion for Yachting

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​​Heritage Yachts

To delight today’s yachting enthusiasts, our semi-custom yachts are;

  • Inspired by the deans of American naval architecture, J.B. Hargrave, Sparkman & Stephens and C. Raymond Hunt.  Their work and vessels still dominate the domestic yachting landscape, with over 14,000 vessels, built between 1956 and 2000, in use today.
  • Conceptualised by Sparkman & Stephens, the famed naval architectural firm.  Key staff had spent formative years alongside Jack B. Hargrave, whose mastery of Classic American yachts is unsurpassed.  S & S had key input in the development of our new Classic American Yachts.
  • Designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, Inc. - One of the most widely recognized and respected names in yachting and naval architecture, in particular, for the Hunt deep-V hull. This breakthrough innovation gives our yachts superb performance, sea-kindliness, comfort and safety.
  • Palm Beach Yachting – Continuing the long tradition of boat building in America’s Yachting “mecca”, our operation sits in the one of the most notable yachting hubs of the world, in Palm Beach County.  Boasting a 45 mile long coastline nestled among one of the world’s most affluent communities.  

Today, Heritage Yachts blends the rich legacy of experienced yacht building masters with the latest systems.   Our boats are for yachting connoisseurs who desire unique, well built, noteworthy vessels to enjoy.  

Heritage Yachts is proud to continue this lineage.