​​Heritage Yachts

Heritage Yachts builds Classic American Motor Yachts for the experienced yachtsman.  We follow the hallowed tradition of building masterpieces, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment.   Our timeless designs stand the test of time while our owners enjoy unsurpassed comfort, safety and style. 

A new pedigree is born….

Classic American Motor Yachts


One of the most unique aspects that Heritage Yacht has to offer its valued clients is the highly specialized craftsmanship that separates this shipyard’s work quality to any other.  Heritage differs from other fiberglass builders in the way it lays up its hulls, without the use of coring. The employment of vinylester resins in the skins also offers better resistance to blistering. Additionally before the bottom paint is applied, our craftsmen use a blister-guard epoxy treatment.


Heritage also pays careful attention to the client’s need for quieter and vibration free yachts. To keep noise and vibration to a minimum, transverse bulkheads are glassed in and on all sides for more strength and to prevent wracking in rough seas. Before any machinery is installed in the engine room, (a spacious area that is sure to impress any engineer, complete with sight gauges on fuel tanks and filters), a U-frame piece of steel overlays the stringers and is bolted through them. The engine mounts are in turn fastened to this. The idea is to disperse the weight of the equipment more evenly and minimize vibration.