​​Heritage Yachts

Heritage Yachts builds Classic American Motor Yachts for the experienced yachtsman.  We follow the hallowed tradition of building masterpieces, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment.   Our timeless designs stand the test of time while our owners enjoy unsurpassed comfort, safety and style. 

A new pedigree is born….

Classic American Motor Yachts

Luxury Yachts

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Heritage Custom Made Yachts are every owner’s dream. Together with the solid structure and reliable navigation, comes the space and comfort that is Heritage Yachts signature. A personal relationship with the shipyard’s design team enables a thorough insight into the design process, and brings the customer’s personal touch to the yacht.


Yachts made by Heritage take special care in the handmade construction of the furniture. For this purpose, the shipyard takes advantage of America's  first class craftsmen which are among the few specialized workers in cabinetry left in the world. Inspired by Italian design and making use of American and European technology and mechanics, we produce the best possible yacht combining the finest of each world.


Heritage lets owners create their own space planning (with the exception of moving structural bulkheads) and select whatever soft goods and machinery they wish. No matter how specific the matter, we have the experts you need to help and advice you, these include naval architects and noise and vibration specialists as well as experts in paint applications, engine room layout, interior design, and electronics.Type your paragraph here.